Option ERP inc. is a specialized company that works in the analisis and the improvement of operationals and administratives process that are active in various fields such as financial, logistic and production. Our strength are implementation, deployment and customized of integrated management systems coded in Progress / 4GL.

With our staff working in integration management system for more than 20 years, Option ERP inc. has th experience and the knowledge to help you optimize your resouces. A company must be able to rely on its ERP system with a solid transactional base for all operations and financial management in order to achieve its ambitious growth projects.

Among the companies that trusts us :

VKI Technologies
Dettson Industries
Les Aliments Cell
Laboratoires Dermo-Cosmétik
PLB International


We offer a partnership for all aspects of your project.




  •   Analysis of needs and existing processes
  •   Providing solutions and customizing functions
  •   Management of implementation and deployment stages
  •   Training, support and documentation
  •   Programming (Progress / 4GL)
  •   User-friendly interface





Option ERP Inc. has a team of programmers experts in Progress / 4GL. We will guide you in architectural decisions and propose innovative technical solutions to meet the requirements of your project.










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